Committed to Sustainable, Responsible Growth


At Hamco, we are continuously raising the bar to improve efficiencies and processes, and to reduce waste through a commitment to 5S manufacturing and sustainable, green business practices:

5S Manufacturing & Training: HAMCO adheres to a facility-wide 5S lean manufacturing program to ensure the highest level of safety, efficiency and advancements. More than six months of screening training of new employees combined with ongoing continuing education training and a company-wide commitment to advance our ability in a variety of skill-sets enables us to produce and deliver quality products to our diverse market segments .

Lean & Green: We are proud to be an industry leader in sustainability efforts having been bailing and recycling paper since the 1970s. We continually set the notch higher. Our commitment to sustainability resulted in reducing waste by an additional 80% in a 12-month period in 2009 and has continued to improve due to our continuous focus and efforts. HAMCO’s facility-wide Green Scene program includes collection and recycling of paper, aluminum, pallets, plastics, corrugated cardboard, cores, and scrap. From our office ink cartridge provider to our promotional materials printing, HAMCO makes it a priority to partner with vendors and resources dedicated to green practices and environmental consciousness. We also make it a practice to purchase paper from mills where forestry initiatives are a priority.

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Lean & Green!

More than 36 tons of
waste diverted from landfills and counting monthly.

95% of our plastic cores are recycled

An additional 17% increase in waste reduction in 2010.

20% increase in order capacity fulfillment in 2010.