A Company Is Only As Good As the Promises It Keeps

Part of the reason we have been around since 1960 is because of our commitment to one another, our customers and to operational and product excellence. To follow are the promises that we commit to each and every day as a standard of operations, service and attitude.

LOYALTY IS EARNED & VALUED: To know a company is to know its people. If the people are loyal, then it says a lot about what you can expect from the company. Our team has been working together for a long time, some close to 30 years. We will earn your trust, loyalty and it will be valued and appreciated.

100% SATISFACTION IS ALWAYS THE GOAL: We take pride in doing whatever it takes to deliver as promised, exceed expectations, and be easy to do business with. You will find doing business with us easy and hassle-free. Our entire team from sales and customer service to the manufacturing personnel makes satisfaction the number one goal.

COST SAVINGS VERSUS COST CUTTING: What is the difference? Cost savings focuses on being ingenious and resourceful without sacrificing quality, while cost cutting substitutes quality in the process. Cost cutting is self-serving while cost savings looks at ways our customers can get more for their money.

STRAIGHT TO THE POINT – STRAIGHT TO THE ANSWER: Being upfront, clear and helpful is what sets us apart. We take pride in getting straight to the answer to make what appears to be impossible possible. We love a challenge and that is why customers value what we offer.

FLEXIBLE, ADAPTABLE & AGILE: Being flexible in the way we do business allows us to better serve our customers and more easily adapt to the demands of the marketplace. Finding a way or making a way to meet a customer’s needs is just what we do on a daily basis.

PROACTIVE PROBLEM SOLVING: Being proactive versus reactive is how we do business. When problems occur, we start by focusing on the solution and options. We have the ingenuity, the know-how and the skill to get to the solution of any challenge. We are willing to take on what others won’t do. You can count on us.

EXACTING COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: Delivering exactly what is needed and exceeding delivery expectations is our service benchmark. Every employee takes ownership in quality assurance. From order accuracy to exact footage printing to better paper to stronger cartons and meticulous packing, our mindset of continuous improvement and unwavering quality will assure your satisfaction is top of mind.

USING RESOURCES WISELY: Being dedicated to waste reduction and recycling is a smart way to do business and an ongoing part of operations from concept to delivery. But it goes much deeper than this. It is also about how we use time, people, technology and money on behalf of you.

HAMCO is the way to GROW … Know the difference we can make by the promises that we keep.

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