Because Wowing Your Guests is Your Most Important Focus!

Since 1960, HAMCO has been supplying POS solutions and more to the restaurant and hospitality industry. We are continually seeking ways to expand our offerings to make doing business with us easy and getting the supplies you need as simple as making a phone call. Our POS and thermal rolls offerings are only the beginning to what we offer and can provide to you.

POS & THERMAL ROLLS; Available in color and size options to fit your machines in the office or when ringing up patron orders, whatever your POS needs, HAMCO delivers. We also provide custom printed receipt rolls for special promotional purposes or to build customer loyalty rewards programs. Ask us how we can design and produce a custom solution for you!

CUSTOM THEME PLACEMATS: Available in six themes to keep kids and their accompanying “young at heart” adults entertained, your name and logo can be imprinted with a minimum order for a minimal set-up and imprint fee. Themes include: Animal, Italian, Mexican, Western, Seafood, and Sports

CRAYON PACKS: Available in standard or premium quality, HAMCO crayon colors include green, blue, red and yellow. Premium crayons leave minimal wax residue. Pre-packaged set of four crayons offer a more sanitary presentation to patrons. Ready to ship in bulk or cellophane-wrapped packs of four, our crayons are safe and non-toxic, conforming to ASTM D4236 standards.

NAPKIN BANDS; Available in white, burgundy, green, blue and black, our standard-size napkin bands meet FDA food code recommendations with a self-adhesive formula that won’t stick to napkins, on re-attachable to the band, making wrapping and unwrapping quick and easy. Napkin bands are great for wrapping utensils for quicker table set-up and is proven to present a neater, more sanitary appearance to patrons.

GUEST CHECKS: Available in single-ply or multi-ply on carbon or carbonless paper with a chipboard backer, HAMCO guest checks are ready to use with all that is needed to take a complete and clear order. Wrap-around covers prevent write-through on carbon and carbonless versions. HAMCO can customize your checks with your logo and information for a finished look. Need to know if we have your preferred size and ply? Go to Product Search. Choose HAMCO as the manufacturer and Guest Checks for the complete listing.

BUTCHER PAPER: Available in three widths up to 1,000 feet per roll, HAMCO butcher paper is easy to store and use with its core allowing for wall mounting and access. Using on tabletops with or without a tablecloth makes clean-up a breeze. Many restaurants have opted for customizing their butcher rolls with their logos for a more personalized feel and extension of their branding.

Products for Restaurant / Hospitality Markets:

POS Receipt Rolls
Cleaning Cards
Copier Paper
Currency Detector Pens
Hand-held Processing Rolls
Kitchen Printer Paper
Guest Checks
Napkin Bands