Solutions That Protect, Promote and Support your Guests’ Experience

Since 1960, HAMCO has been supplying POS solutions and MORE to the entertainment and gaming industry. We are continually seeking ways to expand our offerings to make doing business with us easy and getting the supplies you need as simple as making a phone call.

POS, ATM & KIOSK ROLLS: HAMCO knows POS rolls and has the stock and variety to prove it. Available in color and size options to fit your machines back in the office or when ringing up patron orders, whatever your POS needs are, HAMCO delivers. Choose from an extensive array of POS rolls to fit a variety of ATM and kiosk machines using our comprehensive Product Reference Guide or Product Search that makes it easy for you to confirm we have what you need.

SECURITY PRINTING: With millions of dollars at stake, HAMCO knows the importance of security printing when it comes to winner redemption receipts. Not only will we provide options, we will provide custom solutions that make replication an impossibility. Choose from a wide variety of security features that can be used on your POS receipt rolls including brown stain void, security screens, artificial watermark, true watermark, micro-printed signature lines, thermographic ink, and other security inks

Our paper rolls solutions are only the beginning of what we offer and can provide for you.

Currency Detector Pens
Copier Paper
Guest Checks
Napkin Bands
Butcher Paper